theProcess is a ministry of Long Beach Alliance Church for Junior High and High School students thats exists to provide opportunities for students to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ as they learn how to Love God, Love Others and Serve the World and why that matters.

We love to play together, worship together, and serve together.

The goal of theProcess is to equip each student with the necessary knowledge to become disciples of Christ whom are capable of showing their friends and families how to do the same. We do this through a combination of the Sunday morning equipping hour (Foundations) where we learn of the different ways to build and deepen our relationship with Jesus; through our mid-week gathering (Youth Group) where we work through topics that face today’s youth and then spend time wrestling through those topics in smaller gender-based groups; and through numerous activities where we come together to simply play and have fun together.

The youth staff have come to a personal understanding of how much Jesus loves them and have chosen to take the opportunity to show that same love and care for the youth of Long Beach Alliance Church and whoever else might come through our doors.


Main Church Worship Service
Sundays :: 9:30AM

Foundations Class
Sundays :: 11:15AM

High School Youth Group
Tuesdays :: 7-9PM

Junior High Youth Group
Thursdays :: 7-9PM



Foundations: Prayer  All-Church

We’re doing something a little different as we move into the Easter season. Instead of breaking into multiple classes around the church during the Foundations Hour, the whole church is going to gather in the Sanctuary for a 4-week series designed to increase our knowledge of God, which will produce a better understanding of Prayer. No worries, it will be highly interactive as led by Pastor Scott and Pastor Jesse.

The TEN (Returning April 8)
We will take a number of weeks to explore the deeper meanings and purposes of the Ten Commandments. Often times they are seen as rigid, cliche, or possibly even outdated. But I am going to suggest that learning about and adhering to them (as best we can) will actually be what frees us from a life of slavery.


High School Youth Group
Since the beginning of the school year, we have started a new way of doing high school youth group. We have started really focusing in on what it means to create and sustain deep, meaningful relationships with each other within a biblical framework. We have divided the school year up into multiple 5-week cycles. Each gathering consists of worship, a catechism (simply put, a basic tenant of Christianity taught in a Q&A format), and small group time. The weeks differ in regards to the main facet of relationship building.

Week 1: Team Building Activity. The whole group is given a task that requires communication, teamwork, patience, and sometimes a little vulnerability. The activity is followed by a short debrief on what was experienced and how it could relate to our relationship with others and with God.

Week 2: Small Group Lesson. On these nights, the whole group breaks into their smaller groups for an extended time of teaching (from their leader) and discussion. This allows for the students to receive good teaching, interaction with each other, and the opportunity to process what they’ve learned as they learn it.

Week 3: Who is this Person?. During this night, we will be introduced to a member of our church that isn’t always in an “up front” kind of position, yet crucial to what we do as a church. There will be an interview, along with some form of “Jimmy Fallon” game. There will also be time for small group connections.

Week 4: Service. On these nights, we partner with organizations that could use assistance from caring teenagers. Recently we have worked with the Salvation Army to create and distribute care packages to the elderly currently living in nursing homes.

Week 5: Play. On these nights, we just simply play. We will leave the church campus to enjoy a night of fun and play. Over the last couple months, we’ve gone bowling and spent time at a trampoline park.


Junior High Youth Group: Monster
Have you ever reacted in a way that made you stop and say, “Where did that come from?” Maybe during a fight with a friend or family member you punched them, or destroyed them verbally. These outburst are like a monster inside of you that wants to control your actions. The monster does not want you to walk according to the ways of the Spirit.

Over the next four weeks will be exploring why this monster lives inside of us, and how we can watch out as it tries to rear its ugly head. We will be looking at different times when we are susceptible to letting the monster control us, and how we can remain in the Spirit during those times.


July 9-11 :: VBS

Hebrews 13:8 – “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

This year, we are going to look at Jesus throughout all of history to prove that He never changes. Therefore He is trustworthy and capable to keep His many promises to us.

Visit www.lbac.org/vbs to watch the Theme Release.


HUME LAKE 2018 :: Various Dates
HUME 2018
Click HERE to read the Hume Lake 2018 Emailed Announcement

Emailed Announcement includes detailed information about:
Camp Dates
Camp Costs

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Wagon Train (elementary age) :: July 29 – August 4 :: $590
Meadow Ranch (junior high) :: July 29 – August 4 :: $690
Wildwood (high school) :: July 29 – August 4 :: $690
Ponderosa (high school) :: August 5 – 11 :: $690

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If you have ANY questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Jesse.