Let me just say that you have some amazing leaders. And more often than not, they have some pretty amazing things to say. This post comes from our junior high (JH) leader, William Hillhouse.

Take it away, Will.

Thanks Jesse.

I wrote this the other night after core groups where we talked about peace.

When you are not at peace, it’s because you have not stayed where God is. You have ran off.

Picture this, you’re walking in the garden with God. He takes a step, you take a step. Then out of the blue you stop stepping…you notice something…anything…for a moment it grips your attention…

God takes a step forward and you scream, “God where are You going?!” God answers, “Going?” I’m right here, are you with me or not?” Then as fear grips your heart you begin to run the opposite direction. Having only been one step from God, now you are two or three. God calls out, “Child, where are you going?” You cry out, “Away, away!” and you take a few more steps away while sobbing, “Where You are going, I can’t see. You stepped away from me and now I’m afraid of where you’re headed.” God continues to call out to you but the sounds of the garden crowd your senses. Your mind is filled with doubt and worry. Then as if somehow God was able to interject into this terrible nightmare you remember that God hasn’t moved. But, this is actually more terrifying because what started out as one step away has now turned into six at least! To think that I was freaking out about one step and now God is six steps away! “HELP!!” cries the soul in desperation.

Then God diverts your attention and you find that God hasn’t moved at all and is still standing right next to you as before. “I see you took your eyes off of Me” God says, “Are you ready to take this next step together?”

Latest Update: Oct 05, 2016