In case you haven’t heard, a pretty significant change has come to the mid-week youth program at Long Beach Alliance Church. Starting the first week in October, our high school and junior high groups will be separating into two separate nights.

High School will remain on Tuesday night and Junior High will move to Thursday night.

HS - JH Split

The basis for this decision comes down to life stages. There is a tremendous difference between a 6th grade student (boy or girl) and a 12th grader. Splitting the groups into two different nights will allow us to shape the evening to better accommodate the student in their current life stage.

This will also allow the students the freedom to invite their friends without having to worry about bringing them into an unfamiliar place with such a wide range of ages and energy levels. 🙂 As Christians, we should want to bring our friends to share in some of the experiences we have when we attend church regularly. This splitting of the two groups will allow us the space to craft the environment to be as welcoming as possible.

I am very excited about this change and cannot wait to see what God has in store for our youth group and our church as a whole.

Foundations Class on Sunday mornings will still be combined as well our large events.

theLounge and Kajabe will continue to be offered on both days starting at 5PM.

P. Jesse

Latest Update: Sep 29, 2016