Vintage Jesus
Week 2: How Human Was Jesus?

Main Idea: Jesus came as God in flesh, so for those who want to know God, they must first look to Jesus.

1. What is one thing you learned about Jesus that was new to you?

2. What does Jesus’ humanity mean to you?

3. How does His humanity alter change your view of Him?

4. In what ways does this make Him more accessible for you?

5. How would you explain the “hypostatic union” to someone?

6. Why is it so important to know that Jesus was fully God and man?

Supporting Verses:

Isaiah 53:2

Luke 2:52

1 Timothy 2:5

Matthew 1:18-25

John 1:1-18

Philippians 2:5-11

Hebrews 4:15

Luke 3:21-22