Vintage Jesus
Week 5: Why Did Jesus’ Mom Need to be a Virgin?

Main Idea: The virgin birth of Jesus was one of the ways that God made it clear that Jesus is the One that all of history was anticipating.

Jesus’ virgin birth is a big deal and is often referred to around Christmas. But why did Mary need to be a virgin? What’s the big deal? It’s a very big deal. Here are the questions that were asked in their group in accordance with the teaching.

1. What is one thing you learned about Jesus’ birth and life that was new to you or different than you’ve previously been taught?

2. [Guys only] What can you learn from the example of Joseph?
3. [Women only] What can you learn from the example of Mary?

4. What did you learn about what Scripture DOES NOT teach about Mary?

Everything that the Scriptures say about the virgin birth of Jesus is true. But lots of churches, denominations, traditions and theologians have added all kinds of false teaching or at least erroneous (misguided) teaching.

5. Why is it important to believe that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary?

6. How would you answer someone who claims the idea that Jesus’ virgin birth is simply a myth?

Supporting Verses:

Genesis 3:15

Isaiah 7:14

Luke 2:1-21

Matthew 1:18-25

Latest Update: Feb 01, 2017