Both a job and a celebration.

The Lord has tasked us, the church, with making disciples of all nations. A disciple is a student, who studies under his Master Teacher. We want all to celebrate the Lord’s mercy in making us His children. Missions is both a job and a celebration. Just as singing in church is worship, so is doing whatever it takes to make Jesus’ name great in the world. There is gladness in evangelism, because it is simply outwardly rejoicing in the mighty work the Lord has done in saving us. You are already tasked with this mission. Here are some ways you can join in on the celebration!

Long Beach Alliance Church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). This denomination exists to celebrate the gospel all over the world. Our church body is committed to realizing the goals of the Alliance, because we believe they are the same as Christ’s.

“How do I reach out in love and service to my neighbors?” Well, Long Beach Alliance Church knows where you can start! Walk your neighborhood and pray, be a presence there, and ask the Holy Spirit to do what He loves best: to make the name of Christ great. Pray He will open your eyes and use you to connect to those in your neighborhood. Pray, connect, love.

The Mission Leadership Team exists to point our church with the mission of the church at large. We meet to discuss the business and vision of missions at Long Beach Alliance Church. We would love to connect with more who are interested in joining in this task, so please send us! Email Pastor Scott

This is a group of faithful, dedicated women sharing, praying and working together toward the common goal of furthering missions at Long Beach Alliance Church and around the world. They connect with existing missionaries to encourage them and support the ministries they have in their cities. Evening meetings held in various homes on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Get ready for an exciting year as we allow God to stretch us, and as we make wise use of our time, money, and talents for Him.

At special times in the year, LBAC celebrates missions by hearing from guest speakers and gaining a better understanding for Creating Access for the Gospel.

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