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The Plan

With so much time spent at home, we thought it would be a great time to put some of the opportunity to seek a deeper relationship with God into the hands of the students (or whoever else finds this devotional).

Because many of us don’t have a devotional schedule we stick to, we are going to start out at an easy pace. Each Wednesday and Friday morning, the next devotional (as a downloadable pdf) will be available, as well as, any links or videos..

Then, every Monday at 1PM, we will host a zoom meeting with everyone who completed the two devotionals for that week to talk through what we learned and what God is doing in our hearts. This meeting will ONLY be for students who completed the devotionals. 

Before Monday, the students that plan to join the zoom will need to contact me so that I can send them the zoom invite code.

This devotional was developed through a joint effort between Young Life and Bible Project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

What You’ll Be Learning With This Devo

God is often described as 3-in-1 because he is the Father…and also the Son…and also the Holy Spirit.

From a human viewpoint, it doesn’t make sense. But God doesn’t exist in a box of human viewpoints.

The world has plenty of opinions about what God is like, who Jesus is, and what the Spirit does. Most of those ideas are wrong. Some are just silly. Others are dangerous.

The best and only place to learn the truth about God (who he is, what he’s like, why he bothers with our broken world, how he feels about people and the rest of his creation) is the Bible.

The Bible may be an ancient book, but it has eternal truth and wisdom for modern people. And we are all in desperate need of truth and wisdom, both about the things we can and can’t see – especially in times like these, when life is being turned upside-down for so many people all across the world.

God is a mystery. Yet we can still know him.

God is supernatural. Yet we can still experience him.

God is infinite. Yet we meets with us here-and-now.

God is God. Yet he loves us so-not-God-humans anyway.

God is our Father, Savior, and Lord, and we are his children. No truth is more important than that. So let’s read God’s word together, to learn more about him, his plans, and his people.

Before starting the first devo, listen to the song “Three-in-One” (third song in playlist).

GOD: 3 IN 1

Day 1| God the Father – In the Beginning
Video: God as 3 IN 1

Day 2| God the Father – I Am
Video: Genesis 12-50
Video: Exodus 1-18
Song: Holy, Holy Holy

Day 3| God the Father – Worthy of Praise
Psalm 103 Audio (Streetlights Bible)
Listen to SOMEONE ELSE Read Psalm 103

Day 4| God the Son – In the Beginning
Spoken Word (Listen to this after completing AM/PM section)

Day 5| God the Son – I Am
John 6 – Streetlights Bible
The One and Only Jesus – Propaganda
YAHWEH (Audio) – Rend Collective

Day 6| God the Son – Worthy of Praise
START HEREHe is Here – Amena Brown
Philippians – Bible Project
Is He Worthy – Andrew Peterson
Learn More About the New Testament Letters

Day 7| God the Spirit – In the Beginning
START HERE – Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God – Keith & Kristyn Getty
The Holy Spirit – Bible Project

Day 8| God the Spirit – Comforter and Guide

Day 9| God the Spirit – Transformer
START HERE – You Speak – Audrey Assad
FINISH HERE – From the Inside Out – For King and Country

Day 10| God’s Children – Wonderfully Complex
START HERE – Identity – Lecrae
The Book of Psalms – Bible Project

Day 11| God’s children – Our Heavenly Father

Day 12| God’s children – Our Heavenly Father

This section of THREE-in-ONE (God’s Fellowship) includes scripture passages that explain how God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, and God’s children relate to and intersect with one another. Some of the earliest church teachers and leaders described the Trinity with a word that meant “to make space around.” That word (perichoresis) is similar to the Greek word for “dance” (choreuo). The idea is that the Father, Son, and Spirit are engaged in a holy dance of love that leaves space around each other but also unites them as one. It’s a beautiful metaphor and picture of God.

As God’s children, we are invited to join their dance of love. While living on this earth, we will never fully understand the dance or get all the steps right. But we can catch glimpses of it and can begin to experience it. Our God is THREE-in-ONE. He lives in the hearts of his children. His children live in him. This is indeed a holy mystery.

G.O.S.P.E.L. – Propaganda
Gospel – Bible Project

Day 13| God’s Fellowship – Mind Control
Safe – Phil Wickham
Sacrifice & Atonement – Bible Project

Day 14| God’s Fellowship – From Curse to Hope
Rescuer (Good News) – Rend Collective

Day 15| God’s Fellowship – Love Wins!
Start Here – Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us) – Citizen Way
Love Wins – Transmission

Day 16| God’s Fellowship – Living Sacrifice
Start Here – I Surrender – Jimi Cravity
We Are the Body – Brook Hills Music

Day 17| God’s Fellowship – Rescued and Redeemed
Start Here – You Alone Can Rescue – Matt Redman
Rescuer (Good News) – Rend Collection

Day 18| God’s Fellowship – Jesus is Supreme!
Start Here – Jesus Reigns Supreme – Stephen Miller
The One and Only Jesus – Propaganda

Day 19| God’s Fellowship – Joy in Suffering
Start Here – Christ Lives in Me – Rend Collective
As Long As You Are Glorified – Mark Rasmussen

Day 20| God’s Fellowship – Keep On Keeping On
Start Here – Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me – CityAlight
Death Was Arrested – North Point Church

Day 21| God’s Fellowship – Keep On Keeping On
Start Here – Raised to Life – Elevation Worship
Lord, I Need You – Matt Maher

Day 22| God’s Fellowship – Listen and Live
Start Here – Jesus, I Need You – Hillsong Worship
1 John 1-5 YouTube Playlist – Streetlights Bible
1, 2, 3 John Study Video – Bible Project

Day 23| God’s Fellowship – Listen and Live
Start Here – In Your Pure Light – Amena Brown

Day 24| God’s Fellowship – True Sons & Daughters
Start Here – Sons and Daughters – North Point Worship
Day of the Lord Study Video – Bible Project

Day 25| God’s Fellowship – Real Love/False Prophets
Hold Us Together – Matt Maher

Day 26| I Believe – Reflections on the Creed
Start Here – Creed – Third Day and Brandon Heath
This I Believe – Hillsong

Day 27| Remember – Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Start HereBeing a Christian – Joseph Solomon
3 Songs about the importance of REMEMBERING
Remember – Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Remember to Remember – Steven Curtis Chapman
Remember – Lauren Daigle

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