Online Worship Service (3-22-2020)

Under LBAC’s current plan to limit gatherings, we want to provide a comprehensive worship experience for you to experience on your own, with your family, or your Growth Group. Below you will find links to all of the elements of our typical mornings for you to use as you wish.

If you have any issues with any of the links, please contact our office.



For your convenience, we have digitized the Worship Guide that you receive each Sunday morning as you enter into the sanctuary. Click on each of the links below to view or download the document.

Worship Guide (no inserts)

Sermon Outline

Growth Group Guide

COVID-19 Information Guide

Full Worship Guide (all above links)



Below are a couple resources to help you guide your kids through the sermon/passage for this week, including a Sermon Questions for Kids with questions that are specific to this week’s sermon/passage, as well as a Sermon Notes for Kids worksheets that kids can fill out while listening to the sermon.

Sermon Questions for Kids

Sermon Notes for Kids

Gospel Project Video (3/22/2020)


This past week St Patrick’s Day was observed. While much of the fanfare around St Patrick’s Day in our time has to do with partying, the actual life of St. Patrick was quite amazing.

Growing up in northeast England he grew up a Christian, was baptized, and knew the catechism. He spoke both Latin and some Welsh. At the age of 16 he was captured by Celtic pirates, taken to Ireland, and was sold into slavery. Over the next several years Patrick developed a deep love for God and a deep love for his captors. If you have some free time read up on him and his life serving God.

This all connects to our worship today and the particular passage we are studying in the book of Romans. Paul teaches us about God’s great and consistent process throughout many generations to speak the gospel to his people. It is truly beautiful to see God’s love for us being expressed so faithfully for so long. We have been invited into the same company of followers, given the greatest news ever (the gospel) and now opportunities galore to share it.

Patrick was given a love for God and his captors and eventually was able to share the great gospel as well. Let us worship our Mighty God again today for He is so worthy!

(Material on St. Patrick from “The Celtic Way” George G. Hunter III Abingdon Press)



Thank You Father for this time to gather as a family and worship you. May Your glory fill our hearts as we sing to You, pray to You and hear from You. Let Your Holy Spirit rule and reign in our hearts! We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen


Take a few minutes to talk to the Lord about your fears or anxious thoughts or anything that you sense has distanced you this week from following Jesus with your whole heart, mind and soul.

Read this together:

Who is like You God, pardoning our sins and passing over our offenses?
Your word tells us that You do not retain Your anger forever,
Because You delight in steadfast love.
You have compassion on us, and You tread our misdeeds underfoot.
You will cast our sins into the depths of the sea.
Thank You for these promises. Help us to step out of shame and to live in
The comfort of Your grace.


In your small group gathering, pray for the church and the movement of the gospel. Begin your time of prayer with thanksgiving remembering the mighty works of our God and his love for us. Then lift up our leaders, those in authority over us that we might live in peace for the purpose that the gospel might be shared freely. Finally, close with petition for your daily needs and those around you.


Because of the cancellation of our church services, we would like to offer you 3 convenient ways to continue supporting LBAC through your financial gifts and offerings as you and your family worship from home:

1. Go to the GIVE section of our website at and select the GIVE ONLINE NOW button. There you can sign up with easyTithe, our online giving provider, for one-time donations each week. For your convenience, you can even set up recurring donations so no matter where you are, you won’t have to worry about your weekly giving.

2. Give to LBAC through our PayPal account, Just follow the link here or type it in your browser and log in to your account. In the note section, you can write where you’d like the funds to be designated.


3. For those who don’t like to use technology, there is always the option of mailing a check to the office or dropping it off at the church. There is a heavy duty mail slot on the door to the left of the main office door. We’ll get it and deposit it.

Easy peasy. Three ways to continue giving while you worship from home. Let’s make the most of the situation we’re in and continue worshipping and glorifying our Father in Heaven.





Women’s Bingo Night, Mar 27 – CANCELLED

Health Talk, April 4 – CANCELLED

Baptisms, April 5 – CANCELLED
However, if you feel that God is calling you to make this public proclamation of faith, contact the office and we will make it happen.

Family Camp, May 29-31
Join other LBAC & AWANA families for this annual campout. Spaces are limited to 11 RV/Camping sites at $15/person. Email to secure your spot.

Red Cross Blood Drive, June 7
Save the Date and Save a Life!

Growth Groups, Creatively Ongoing
With the evermore restrictive guidelines on gathering together, there are a lot of growth groups that have taken to social media, and other technologies, to still meet as a growth group. Programs such as Facebook Groups, Zoom, and Google Hangouts have proven to be an effective way to gather together, share what the Lord has been up to in your life, and to still enjoy the sight of each other’s beautiful faces.

We are still figuring out how all of this works, but if you are not sure where to begin, please contact your growth group leader or our office and we’ll try and get you pointed in the right direction.

Awana will not be meeting in person for now, but we don’t want that to keep you from moving forward in your books and continuing to learn those verses!  Please check your email or contact your awana club director for instructions on how you can recite your verses.

Cubbies – Nichole Herman (
Sparks – Caleb Gerl (
TnT – Tom Gerl (
Trek – Sarah Thomas (
Journey – Scott and Deya Slade (

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